Saturday, January 23, 2016

Funny Pages

~"Honey, where is my supersuit?" (Kate, 2yrs) ~"Can I have some G-U-M? Don't say no, Mom." (Kate, 2) ~"I'm gonna karate your face...karate, karate." (Kate, 2) ~"Olivia, are you a wacko?" (Kate, 2) ~"I don't have to go to the powder room. That's girl talk for bathroom." (Bailee, 7) ~"That's not 7 busses Olivia, forget about it." (Kate-this is funny b/c every NYer says "fuhgeddaboudit") ~(Who's better than you Olivia?) "No-buuuuuddy" (Olivia, 4 w/ awesome NY accent) ~"Mom, you have duck bumps. Uuhh, goose bumps?" (Olivia, 4) ~"Whatever." (Kate, 2) ~"I'm just taking the spider out of my eyeball." (Kate, 2) ~"Daddy's a loco. He took our stinkin map." (Kate, 2) ~"Shush your whole body." (Kate, 2) ~"That's because you are my favorite Mommy." (Kate, 2) ~"Come on Mom, vamanos." (Kate, 2) ~"Don't mess with the dress Dad." (Olivia, 4) ~"Don't touch my privacies!" (Kate after Bailee spanked her bum) ~"When I was a little girl..." (Kate, 2) ~"Give a girl a chance." (Olivia, 4) ~"I love your stinkin guts, Mom." (Kate, 2) ~"I want some GPS gum." (Kate, 2) ~"Babe! Don't fall off the cliff! Baby-cakes!" (Kate playing princesses by herself) ~"Claire just dimpled at me!" (Kate, 3) ~(on a snow day-no school-at breakfast) "Mom, how come you're not being bossy today?" (Olivia, 6) ~"I'm working really hard to get my ballet shoes back to my barbie!" (Kate,3) ~"Mom, tomorrow can you make something we like for dinner?" (Bailee, 8) ~"Claire speaks baby Spanish." (Kate, 3) ~"Mom! If you get too close to me I will burn you with my knee, I'm so hot I'm so hot, ouch!" (Kate,3) ~"That's hilarious." (Kate, 3) ~(Mom answers Kate "yes, senorita.") Kate replies, "I'm not senorita I'm Kate. You know I'm not Spanish!" ~"No, no, no and finally no." (Kate, 3) ~"My voice was dripping with sarcasm." (Bailee, 8) ~"The snow is melted. Now you can see the crust [curb]. I said crust because I don't know what it's called." (Kate, 3) ~"Welcome to my mom's life." (Olivia, 6) ~(After Daddy said no.) "Mommy, can you just ignore Daddy?" (Kate, 3) ~"geez lady" (Kate,3) ~"Emerald [a unicorn] cantered over to the dinner table." (from a story Bailee wrote 3/11) ~"Claire is fuzzing my neck with her hair!" (Kate, 3) ~"I'm actually gonna lay here with my stinky feet." (Kate,3) ~(Isn't it a nice day today?) "Yeah, the birds are lovely." (Kate, 3) ~"You can't defeat me. Hi-ya!" (Kungfu Kate) ~"You don't say such things to the queen, Mom." (Kate the Queen) ~"Whatevs, Mom." (Kate,3) ~"Ew! That's just gross." (Kate,3) ~"Ew! Gross! You make ugly food that smells bad." (Kate, 3) ~"I certainly do not know you." (Kate, 3 upon meeting her uncle Brady the first time) ~"Mom! Answer me! You don't want me to fire you!" (Kate, 4) ~"Can Jesus see [starts whisper] when we sneak M&M's?" (Kate, 4) ~(In a prayer) "...and thank you even for Satan because if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be in this joint." (Kate, 4) ~Kate's signature phrase: "I prefer not to answer that question." every day of her 4 yr old life ~"Walk like a sassy lady so people think you're sassy and don't want to be by you." (Kate, 4-with a swagger) ~A hummer with windows down, radio blasting passes us and Kate says, "what's homeboy listening to?" ~Kate: "Mom, if you're ever eating dinosaur chicken nuggets bite the head off first cause it's the most important." Thanks for the tip. ~"I know how to roll my eyes." (Kate,4) ~I love holding your hand Kate. "I hate holding aliens' hands." ~"Mom, you're fired." (Kate, 4) ~(Kate from the backseat) "Claire, say 'poop!' ~"Mom, I promise on the river Styx, and I don't know how to cross my toes, that if you put my treat by me I won't eat it." (Kate, 4) ~"Are you out of your mind!?" (Kate, 4) ~(while eating carrots and ranch) "Claire, did you just double dip!?" (Kate, 4) ~Tonight at family prayer (we kneel in a circle and hold hands) Bailee won't hold Kate's bc she sucks her left thumb sometimes and B doesn't want to get "spit" on her. So Kate says, "Fine I'll turn around and you can hold my not sucked hand..." (B holds it) Kate whispers, "Now you are holding my buggary hand."

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